Get Trained by the Experts

Comprehensive Skydiving Course

Our skydiving course here at Skydive East Texas in Gladewater, TX offers the joy of free-fall with the security of learning with an instructor at your side. It is convenient for those who do a tandem and decide to continue their training since your first tandem is also your Level 1 Jump. The training for the course begins with a series of three tandems and a ground school course that requires body position, flying techniques, emergency situations, equipment orientation and parachute deployment, canopy control, steering, and landing techniques.


The Next Steps

Once students are able to demonstrate all important procedures at a satisfactory standard, they are ready to jump solo with the assistance of certified jumpmasters flying next to them in the air. This is called an Assisted Free-Fall (AFF) jump. Before each skydive, students receive one-on-one training, which includes exit procedure, free-fall sequence, and deployment instruction. Each jump is made from an altitude up to 10,000 feet, allowing for free-fall time of about 35-45 seconds. With the security and assistance of their instructor, students use their free-fall time to fly their body, perform altitude awareness checks, and deploy their own parachute. The duration of the excitement then extends to a five-to-eight minute canopy ride. After each dive, students receive a one-on-one debriefing session and logbook entry time with their instructor. Each jump level is priced individually, and each level must be passed in order to go on
to the next one.